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Coat of Arms

The Regiment was organized in 1901 and saw service in the Philippines, indicated by crossed bolos with red blades and blue hilts. A green cactus plant symbolizes the Regiment's service on the Mexican border and in General Pershing's Punitive Expedition in 1916. The Regiment's symbol, a black horse, is represented by a horse's head above the crest. The colors of the Regiment, black and gold, are prominent throughout the coat of arms. The unit motto. ALLONS or "Let's Go", underscores the design. It was adopted by the Secretary of War on 12 December 1934



Blackhorse Patch

Since it was only a regiment, the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment was not authorized a shoulder patch when it first came to the Republic of Viet Nam. Because of our mission and our area of operations as an independent unit, the Chief of Staff, General Harold K. Johnson, in February 1967 authorized us to wear our own distinctive patch. We chose traditional Cavalry colors of red and white for the background and a rearing black horse to symbolize our nickname of the Blackhorse Regiment. Shown at left is the original Blackhorse patch. The age of political correctness has modified the patch worn by the Regiment today to delete the obvious stallion features.




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